8 wires or 1 reason of love

Friday, August 30
La Mercè Cultural Center, 19:30 h


On the eve of Christmas dinner, which should gather together the whole family and the servants, the head of the family and his younger daughter agree to tell the household that he was killed. All the women gathered in the house, each having loved the owner in their own way, react to the news with horror. Because of the terrible blizzard, eight women: the wife of the man killed, his two daughters, sister, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, maid and governess, get cut off from the surrounding world. Due to snow drifts, police cannot get to the estate. The telephone wire is cut and there is no cellular reception. Since there were no strangers in the house, this means that the killer is one of the eight women, so suspicion is cast on all of them at the same time and on each one separately as well.

Brief history of the group

We are students of Moscow City University. We study Directors – teachers leisure programs. It so happened that our group consists mainly of students who live dancing! Therefore, under the guidance of our teacher – Olga Ershova, we decided to stage a plastic theater performance. Our plastic theater show was a success at the University and was awarded the Grand Prix at the Fiestalonia Milenio 2018 Festival, in Lloret de Mar, Spain.