Abismes. Proposta contra la violència de gènere

Saturday 29th August
Sala La Planeta, 18 h
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When you see that abuse and insults are a part of daily life, when you know that there is no possible way out because all the doors have been blocked, when you think that even loneliness is bad company… that is when you think the only escape is to throw yourself into the abyss.

The show is made up of a collection of short and intense stories featuring women on the verge of despair: a disagreement over a tender cruelty, a marital fight with unbridled violence, a couple’s fun and crazy discussion, a complaint with suspicious implications, and the story of a frustrated freedom. All in an intimate and small space, surrounded by the songs of Glòria Vila.


Brief history of the group

The IncreiXendo theatre group was born ten years ago in Sant Gregori. Since then, they have staged more than ten productions with pieces from very different authors: Molière, Chekhov, Belbel, Vitrac, Escabías, Dario Fo, Woody Allen, Ionesco… Since 2014 they have participated in FITAG without interruption, and have been repeatedly chosen for the Casa de Cultura de Girona Amateur Theatre Campaign. In 2019, with La cantant calba, they won more than twelve awards at the Gràcia Catalan Theatre Competition, as well as at the Rafael Anglada Amateur Theatre Competition in Santa Coloma de Farners.