Saturday, August 31
Sala La Planeta, 18:00 h


The death of a police officer in an incident within an internment camp for foreigners (CIE) attracts the attention of a journalist. A death that, at the same time, triggers and unleashes a series of encounters between different characters. An interned man and woman, a police officer, a cleaner, a journalist and a person from the city. Six visions of a complex and brutal reality. An intimate show in two times: past and present, before and after, inside and outside.

Brief history of the group

ProjectA Teatre Social is a theater association with eleven years of experience, located in the Carmel district of Barcelona. It was started as a lively place of artistic growth. It is made up of young people with social and artistic concerns who develop different artistic facets (musicians, expert actors in physical theater, etc.). Specifically, the company is made up of six actresses and actors, one director and external collaborators. They have performed different street performances, in places that are uncommon for social entities and plays made on their own, such as the Micromemòries exhibition (a tribute and a reflection on the historical memory). Their last creation, Adentro, is a reflection about walls, through the concrete reality of the CIE and the various actors and actresses that travel through this world.