Thursday 27th August
Pati de les Magnòlies (Stage ESCENAMATEUR), 23:30 h

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Motivated by the present, #Cadens (from Latin, ‘what falls’), is the play that results from the company’s interest in the world around them and the drama of millions of people around the world: thousands of migrants arriving at our borders, people forced into exile, appearing dead on our shores. Humanitarian crises so devastating that Melpómene members would consider it unfair to make a play that would only focus attention on one particular case. What would we do if one day we lived this reality in our cities? #Cadens talks about human misery, struggle, companionship and the most absolute social disaster. Most migrants share a feeling of absolute emptiness, not only from of what they have experienced, but from the society that receives them, elusive. Where to go when freedom is not a guarantee?


Brief history of the group

Melpómene was born in 2005 with a common goal: to create an open space in which its members — young people related to the performing arts, and with years of experience — had a meeting place to carry out their own projects. This dream, which began more than a decade ago, is now a reality with a future. Melpómene is a member of the Spanish Confederation of Amateur Theatre Escenamateur and has the support of the City of Móstoles. With #Cadens, Melpómene represents Spain at the Estivades International Festival of Stage Creation, organized by CIFTA and with the support of the Government of Belgium.