Dall’altra (parte del mar)

Thursday 27th August
Sala La Planeta, 18 h

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Dall’altra (parte del mar) is an original work that combines physical theatre, storytelling, and poetry. The actresses, beginning with the immigration of their grandparents and great-grandparents to Argentina, embark on a journey back to their roots, to Europe, the land where they were born.

Three paths come together at the same time: three stories of experiences marked by a search for the truth that we feel identified with, and are deeply called to review our own history.


Brief history of the group

The theatre company was born from the meeting of three actresses training in and researching physical theatre poetics. Beginning under the guidance, training and direction of Yamil Ostrovsky in Buenos Aires, they performed various stage works together, both for adults and children. Among the most prominent are Antígona, Mariquita da la nota, El hombrecillo del azulejo, and some productions for corporate events. At the same time, each one has complemented their training in different ways within the same aesthetic. They have been in Barcelona for two years to rehearse and produce artistic material in both the theatrical and audio-visual fields.