El caballero de Olmedo

Saturday, August 31
Girona Municipal Theater


Marcela and Pelayo, two traveling puppeteers, arrive at a plaza. They bring their old puppet theater and want to tell the best story of their repertoire to entertain the audience and, most importantly, to earn some money to be able to put some food on the table. Their cloth and cardboard figures, thanks to the magic of the theater, turn into flesh and blood characters, by which the audience lives and suffers the tragedy of El caballero de Olmedo.


Brief history of the group

Carpe Diem Teatro was formed as an amateur theater group 25 years ago. Since then they have put on 21 shows. The highlights include works such as ¿Qué fue de Baby Jane?, Picospardo’s, Las hijas de Santa Inés, El baile de los instantes muertos, Andronicus and El caballero de Olmedo, which has earned them a number of awards and nominations in different theater expositions and national competitions.