El retaule del flautista

Wednesday, August 28
Girona Municipal Theater, 19:30 h



El retaule del flautista is a play by Jordi Teixidor published in 1968 and awarded with the Premi Josep Maria de Sagarra the same year. It takes the form of a medieval farce and tries to raise the public’s awareness of a current political and social problem.

Brief history of the group

The Grup Teatral Vidrerenc began in 1967, from the Agrupació Teatral del Cor Parroquial de Vidreres, created in 1945. They have participated in different theater shows in the Girona region and throughout their career has represented more than fifty works by different authors, such as Molière, Lorca, Casona, Guimerà, Criado and Benet i Jornet. Currently, some fifty actors make up the Grup Teatral Vidrerenc. The youngest is six years old and the oldest, eighty. In addition to El retaule del flautista, the past five years they have performed Els pastorets.