Experiment autoficció

August 27
Teatre Municipal de Girona, 19:00h


International co-production of FITAG 19: Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Morocco, Egypt, Colombia and Catalonia.
Inaugural show of the Amateur International Theater Festival of Girona


The project

Fifteen people from different parts of the world, with a heavy influence in Girona, participate in this international co-production. The Brazilian director and actress Carolina Correa directs the show, which is experimental and based on body expression. It is a contemporary, transgressive, introspective and visual work. With this proposal, FITAG takes an important step forward and goes beyond the classical theater, incorporating new genres and formats.


About Carolina Correa

Carolina Correa is an actress, dancer and theater director. She is the international coordinator for the Corredor Latinoamericano de Teatro in the state of Minas Gerais (Brazil). She completed her postgraduate studies in performance and art at the Angel Vianna school of dance in Rio de Janeiro (2013), and graduate work in social communication at PUC Minas University (1998). Currently, she is a Spanish language teacher at the Rudolf Steiner school in Minas Gerais. She is also the founder of the Dos Dois Group and the Soller Centro de Artes in Nova Lima (Brazil). In 2012, she won the Premi Usiminas Sinparc award for best supporting actress. She has acted in different plays and in performing arts festivals in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Cuba and Spain. Last year she performed at FITAG with her work Roma, and in 2017, with the show Carolina, de Lorca.