Friday, August 30
Pati de les Magnòlies, 23:30 h



Fubol is a fresh and current comedy in which five different and absurd characters show the taboos of homosexuality in the soccer world, in a humorous light. The sentimental relationship between a soccer star and a tax inspector, the hiring of a “call girl” for the soccer player to cover up his sexual preference, a caretaker of the high-society house and a village pizza maker form this strange family. The television news reports are in charge of dosing the laughter and some surprising events capture the audience’s attention until the end.


Brief history of the group

El Telón Negro is a company created in 2013. The members are all different ages, which adds an extra touch to their projects. Each one has had a different type of professional training. The origins of the group date back to 2009, when they met each other by taking part of the classical theater school directed by the teacher, the late Carlos Ballesteros. They were trained in verse (with works including Greek classics, Lucas Fernández, Lope de Vega, Calderón de la Barca, Lorca, Jorge Llopis, etc.) and in theater (with works by Mihura and Jardiel). After the passing away of their teacher, the members decided to undertake the project of El Telón Negro. They started with a project written and produced on their own, Fubol, which premiered February 21, 2015 with great success and has been performed several times with a very good reception from the public.