Heridas. Mujeres de Federico García Lorca

Friday, August 30
Girona Municipal Theater, 19:30 h



Five hurt women. Five women hurt by the dagger of life, love and death. The mother of Bodas de sangre, Yerma, Mariana Pineda, Bernarda and Doña Rosita. Five muffled screams. Silenced. And this buried scream, this unremitting desire for freedom, for life, for limitless love is what moves the five women. And it is until they make a strike against the mediocre, mean and oppressive reality that surrounds them, or against their own limitations inherited generation after generation, as is the case of Bernarda. Here, at the same time, lies their greatness and humanity. In this yearning for life that transcends “the stones without juice” of the imposed reality and which dyes the red water of tragedy green with hope. In getting us closer to the deep wound of pain, delving into the roots of despair, perhaps we can reach the last sanctuary of the human being, that place where we all live and we all recognize ourselves.


Brief history of the group

Youkali Scene is the dream of some theater enthusiasts who all have the same need: to act, to let out all the characters they carry inside, that have remained in them throughout their life, that have lent their emotions to them, that have made them more mature…, and discover all those characters waiting for them, who will leave their mark on them and who will live inside of Youkali. In 2014, the group set sail for this mysterious island with the desire to live the scene from every angle, to build their theatrical project from its foundations, care for it and see it grow as if it were their child. They want to enjoy everything and not miss out on any aspects of the theater profession: to feel like those comedians who walked along paths of poverty and talent. They believe in theater as a way of understanding life and the human soul, as a means of seeking the beauty and transformation of reality. And this is the philosophy of the group: to always approach an innovative theater with new scenic ideas.