Saturday, August 31
Pati de les Magnòlies, 23:30 h



After World War II, Giuseppe Sonsa decided to leave Italy and go to South America in search of new opportunities. Before leaving, his wife tells him that she is pregnant and she asks to go with him and the baby to this place named Venezuela.

Twelve years later, Huanita burns her first spaghetti and this sets off the first of the family’s conflicts. This is how something no one expected is discovered: a revealing secret.


Brief history of the group

The Teatro en Construccion company was founded in 2009 in Elx. The members started it with the with the enthusiasm to enjoy being on stage, to tell stories and to offer a good show to the public. The majority of the cast has worked with other groups, like now the Aula de Teatre group at the Miguel Hernández University in Elx. It is here where the foundations of this company were established. The members of the group were trained in different workshops in Elx, Alacant, Granada, Huelva and Madrid, to improve voice, movement and acting techniques. Their first play, Juegos prohibidos, by Alberto Miralles (2010), led them to participating in various national theater festivals. Afterwards the members focused more on their professions and studies, aware that being an amateur actor is not easy and that they have to balance acting with their family and work lives. Huanita was a gamble on a different type of theater. A learning process that culminated with its premiere in 2018.