Thursday, August 29
patio de las Magnolias, 21:00 h



A satirical comedy about the effects of politics and psychiatric therapies. A young politician has just been elected president. In just a few hours he must make his inaugural speech, but a problem arises. The psychiatrist has very little time to resolve the situation and prevent the president-elect from making a ridiculous fool of himself at his first appearance. L’electe is a humorous montage in which these two sole characters argue throughout the entire function in order to solve a supposed psychological conflict. It has an ironic plot, with touches of political criticism and agile rhythm. Politics versus science, conscience versus appearance, power versus power. The goal of the play is for the audience to have a good time, showing political and human miseries in a humorous light.

Brief history of the group

WC Teatre emerged in 2016 with the desire of enjoying and making others enjoy the magic of theater. They work with gesture humor, clown, comedy, vaudeville, and occasionally in more serious genres. They have the support of the Teatre Centre d’Arbúcies and the Alba Nova de Bescanó theater company. In fact, the group’s two founders came from these two companies: Neus Rubio Viñas, from Alba Nova de Bescanó, and Pep Obiols Masferrer, from the Teatre Centre d’Arbúcies. They also have the help of technical members and artists of the Sant Hilari Sacalm theater. This has given them the ability to contrast different experiences and, most of all, learn a lot.