Friday 28th August
Pati de les Magnòlies, 21 h

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Three months ago, Litus died in a car accident. The woman who had been his partner, his two friends and his former bandmate—who since Litus’ death has become a Catalan music star with the group Josep— meet at the flat where the dead friend lived. Toni has summoned them all because he has to give them something that Litus left before he died. When given, everything goes wrong, and what was supposed to be a meeting to talk about the dead friend, will turn into an evening where friends will discover their most intimate secrets, and where all the tensions that have been hidden for years will come to light.

Litus is a bittersweet comedy with a slight thriller influence, that talks about friendship, death and love.


Brief history of the group

The Grup de Teatre Cassanenc, which was founded in 1956 and has been committed in recent years to the quality of its shows and dramatic training, is directed by Marc Ciurana. With the release of their latest works (Contents i enganyats and Trastorns) they have been very well received and have had very good reviews. With these shows they have won different awards in the last competitions they participated in.