Los locos de Valencia

Saturday 29th August
Pati de les Magnòlies, 23:30 h

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Floriano, a young nobleman, flees punishment for a crime he believes he did not commit. His faithful friend, Valerio, recommends that he pretends to be crazy and hides in the Hospital de Valencia, which is famous for taking care of the insane. Erífila, a beautiful lady who escapes from her father’s house with a dishonest servant, sees how he underappreciates her love, strips her of all her belongings and leaves her half-naked in front of the door of the same hospital, where the administrators think she is ill and forcibly admit her.

Los locos de Valencia is an urban comedy set with a carnival atmosphere, very popular at the time when it was written, that has come down to us as a show of Lope de Vega’s genius, with a perfect description of the characters who do not cease to lure the spectator in.


Brief history of the group

UGTeatro began in Murcia in 2007, formed by a group of workers and friends of the UGTm, as a way to enjoy a cultural activity and address, at the same time, social issues. That is why they choose works in which comedy, outcry, and irony are very present.

For this group, theatre is made to provoke awareness from the realm of comedy. They have also created specific small-format performances to raise funds and collect food items, with free and charitable collaborations.

From 2008 until today, they’ve performed different works: Los caciques (Carlos Arniches), El parque de los locos (Jaime Cros), Juegos prohibidos and Colón, versos de arte menor para un varón il·lustre (Alberto Miralles) and, in November 2019, Los locos de Valencia (Lope de Vega).