No t’ho callis

Saturday 29th August
La Mercè Culture Centre, 19 h

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“To be or not to be? That is the question”, a radical statement hiding under the words of a question whose answer is vital to moving forward in everyday life. Our younger ones, are they well-prepared? Enough so to at least ask themselves what things they may be doing wrong? Can they map a new route when the path is the wrong one?

No t’ho callis tells the story of Camila, a girl fed up with the violence of her surroundings who wants to find answers.


Brief history of the group

The Muekka cultural and theatrical association was born in 2014 thanks to the impetus from the alumni of the Aula de Teatre de Lloret de Mar. To carry out their own creative project, they’re supporting the company Corset Teatre, with whom they have several works: Código Alfa, directed and written by Enzo Poblete (2015); El nombre, by Matthieu Delaporte and Alexandre de La Patellière, directed by Manuel Pineda (2016), and Alta suciedad, by the Asturian author José Ramón Oliva Alonso (2017). In 2019 they premiered Ese silencio incómodo, by Ángel Serrano Laguna, directed by Gonzalo Pastor.

No t’ho callis, written and directed by Enzo Poblete, is part of the “Muekka against bullying” project, in order to portray the reality without conditions, through music, dance, painting, poetry and theatrical performance. This project is staged in collaboration with Corset Teatre and Butaka Jove, both groups of the Muekka association.