Friday 28th August
Sala La Planeta, 18 h

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Passions is a physical theatre show. The main idea is based on the premise that if there is a force that human beings cannot control, it is passion. Passion can cause a struggle between a person’s light side and dark side. Accepting that passion has two sides can inspire and make a person unique. This show is an anthem to human beings: their strength, spontaneity, vulnerability and sensuality, which when expressed, brings energetic emotions to the viewer. Six performers from five different countries come together to create a unique show in five languages and prove that passion speaks all languages.


Brief history of the group

Theatre Studio Beloe was founded by Maria Fokina (Rakotonarivo) in Moscow in 2011. This theatre studio has now been in Geneva since 2016. Three shows were created in Moscow and seven shows in Geneva. The mission of Theatre Studio Beloe is to discover and display the expression of feelings and emotions through the unique body movement of each student. We believe that physical theatre speaks from heart to heart. Each participant creates their own image, expressing their particular vision of the role they play, and at the same time creates a unique set with other participants. Theatre Studio Beloe has performed in Moscow, Geneva and Zurich, has participated in various festivals and has also collaborated with museums and charities.