Born in the summer of 1998, known as El Pati, the Girona International Amateur Theatre Festival is set to return August 25th to 29th, for what will be its 20th edition this year, in twenty-twenty. Throughout these twenty-two years, it has established itself as international reference for anyone who, at the amateur level, takes the stage and coveys the magic of theatre. Twenty editions that transformed what began as a modest festival with ambition, into a must-attend event for spectators, promoters, agents, and talent scouts.

FITAG is also a tool, one of many we have that can be used to share the wealth of culture and heritage of our land with others: towns and cities with a distinctive character and unique personality; an essential part of our common project as a country and a way of understanding the world.

Getting on the stage is a great metaphor for life, regardless of what the audience sees. A person or group of people, whichever the case may be, faces the uncertainty of not knowing whether the audience is going to react positively. It is only what happens at the very last second (the nature of the applause) that lets the artist know if they have been able to connect with the spectators.

This year, that metaphor is quite fitting. COVID-19 has affected the lives of everyone, and unfortunately, has taken many lives as well. The virus has led us to a new reality that, to say the least, was not expected. Adjusting to this new way of life is not only a challenge, but an obligation. Distancing rules to prevent the illness from spreading, as well as limiting the amount of people in the audience, will make us see and experience theatre in a whole new way, but the theatre itself will be a place of gathering. FITAG reminds us that we are gregarious, that we enjoy laughing and crying together.

This FITAG is something special. Culture can also help us, even if only a little bit, to fill the voids that this illness has left in our lives. Breaking from routine, theatre is alive and changing, it adapts to new times and evolves. And in this twentieth edition, FITAG has once again come to symbolize the resilience of a cultural sector that is used to overcoming adversity and knows how to reinvent itself whenever necessary. Curtain-up!


Miquel Noguer i Planas
President of the Diputació de Girona


Per a més informació, podeu posar-vos en contacte amb el director del Festival. Sr. Martí Peraferrer
Tel. +34 679 201 767 / 972 202 013