For five days, from August 27 to 31, the Girona region once again will become the epicenter of amateur theater. It will do so by hosting its nineteenth edition of FITAG, and in particular, by welcoming the thousands of people that the festival attracts as spectators.

FITAG is much more than just a festival. It’s a trademark, a philosophy, a way of living and experiencing non-professional theater with passion, excitement and most importantly, with the willingness to develop and enjoy personal relationships made possible by the event.

Last year, FITAG gathered together more than thirteen thousand spectators among the eleven municipalities that hosted some of the thirty-seven performances that were arranged. A record number that we hope to beat this year in 2019 and which supports the positioning of the Girona province as a first-class cultural destination.

With the same goal as always to decentralize the festival, the 2019 edition will keep its commitment to staying local, while extending its activities list beyond just Girona city and into the municipalities of Campdevànol, Llançà, Lloret de Mar, Maçanet de la Selva, Palamós, Sant Gregori, Sant Pere Pescador and Vidreres. A formula for success that is adhered to and complemented by the municipal partnerships within our regional government.

FITAG is also a window to the world. An opportunity to foster cultural exchange, to promote our home and the Girona theater companies at an international level, and at the same time, to nourish us with the experiences and projects coming from remote countries (and the most enriching part: doing it together with people from different languages, cultures and backgrounds than ours).

All things considered; we have very good reasons for investing our efforts into FITAG for yet another year. There are even health benefits for everyone: the balsamic effect of the festival, which makes a reference to this year’s slogan. We release our mental stresses, refresh our spirits and enjoy theater and culture!


Albert Piñeira
Second Vice-President of the Diputació de Girona

Girona, July 16, 2019




At times, being the fortunate director of this marvelous human theatrical orchestra called FITAG, I think that collectively, we are not fully aware of how lucky we are to have, to live and to enjoy this festival! FITAG, in addition to being an amateur theater festival where we can share with the world “the annual theatrical harvest” from the Girona region, it offers us, in exchange for very little, a unique moment, the ideal place and the perfect opportunity to connect with others who love theatre for the love of the art and to build a human network of real, lifelong friendships! Adolescents, teens and adults who, with the common bond of delivering the art of theatre, welcomed by the magic of Girona and its collaborating municipalities, will walk together, physically for a few days, and forever after in our fond memories! Because at the heart of the world’s amateur theater family are the values of generosity, sharing, hard work, commitment and friendship. This, which might seem like a sugar-coated speech, is a wonderful reality if you have lived the FITAG experience from the inside.  FITAG is a cascading Mediterranean river of shared theater that, each year at the end of August, floods the city of Girona with waters that everyone can come to and feel refreshed. Waters from a unique river, formed by a vast quantity of tributaries that lead to a sea of happiness, a sea of rolling waves of multiculturalism. Diverse and plural societies, different religions and ways of understanding very different cultures all flow together during these five days of great celebration at FITAG. Come take a healthy dip in our theatrical waters! Come for mental and spiritual health. Because, as this year’s motto suggests, FITAG is balsamic – for the person who lives it and for the person who sees it, theater is like a wise folk medicine – a medicine which everyone has access to, which doesn’t have an expiration date and doesn’t have any side effects. There are many of us who say that theater has healed us. So, if there is any part of you that is aching, come to Girona, come to FITAG!

Martí Peraferrer i Vayreda
Director del FITAG


Per a més informació, podeu posar-vos en contacte amb el director del Festival. Sr. Martí Peraferrer
Tel. +34 679 201 767 / 972 202 013