Tot s’apaga en el moment que em mires.

Thursday, August 26th,
Pati de les Magnòlies, Generalitat building in Girona, 9 pm


A political activist, a prestigious lawyer, a former basketball player and a low-life dreamer try to survive in a world that denies them the opportunity to fulfil their desires. Is it better to accept the rules of the capitalist game and survive or to arm oneself with cohesion and become the anomaly of the system? Life is a constant decision. From a very young age we are forced to choose: judo or dance? Football or basketball? Dolls or toy soldiers? Sciences or arts? But what if the only important decision is one we never dare to ask? To live or die? Tot s’apaga en el moment que em mires [Everything shuts down the moment you look at me] is a snapshot of the young generation prevented from losing their innocence.

Brief history of the group

La Col·lectiva Imaginària began as a university theatre troupe that emerged from the common passion that its members felt for drama and the need to revive university theatre. Its members are young (all under thirty), with diverse theatrical experiences and a common training linked to the Aula de Teatro at Valencia University, as well as other initiatives such as Escena Erasmus. In 2017, they decided to finally set up as a theatre company, debuting with Tot s’apaga en el moment que em mires, their first production. Other works include Prohibida la reproducció, Sempre Calders, Trastocando la Navidad and Cuirasses. As the troupe comprises very young people, the aim is to encourage and promote synergies between the company and young and emerging playwrights.