The Bear.

Friday, August 27th.
El Foment de Girona, 5 pm and 6 pm (two showings).


In Anton Chekhov’s The Bear, a landlady arrives at the house of the widow Popova in a very bad mood to demand payment of a debt her husband owed. Popova, citing the sadness of the recent loss of her husband, refuses to pay the debt, which leads to a deadlocked argument that escalates in tone.


Brief history of the group

This year, La Funcional Teatre is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary with a project called Casa Txékhov, which includes the three short plays it is presenting at FITAG, as well as The Seagull and The Three Sisters. Over the years the company has performed two more Chekhov plays, as well as works by Dario Fo, Labiche, De Filippo, Brecht, Genet, and Mishima.  It has always worked in alternative spaces, with the public being very close to the actors.