Friday, August 27th
Centre Cultural La Mercè de Girona, Escenamateur space, 7 pm.


Four siblings attend the ritual at which their mother’s belongings are distributed after her funeral. In the process, they discover fragments of family history in the voices of characters who come to life through objects and letters. In a humid forest, the explorer, accompanied by the family’s cleaner, searches doggedly for a unicorn. The two stories progress in parallel and meet to solve the mystery of her memory.

Unicornios [Unicorns] is a play that poses the question “How can we deal with adversity and pain?” – how to heal the wounds, the regret of what has not been said and the fear of asking questions.  We live a limited life, but our horizons are broadened and expanded by our family roots, by the memories of our ancestors.


Brief history of the group

Most of the members of Unicornio Teatro began their journey together at the Universidad Popular de Rivas Vaciamadrid under the guidance of a number of experts, including Antonio Atienza, Andrés del Bosque and Lidia Rodríguez. Under their direction, they staged productions such as Entre tinieblas, Cabaret Afrodita, Rotas, and more. The present group was formed in 2010, trained and directed by actor Chete Guzmán, director of the cultural association Unicornio Azul clarito, who had already staged Romance de ciegos, Trece rosas and other collaborative works. Divinas Palabras by Ramón María Valle-Inclán is one of their most award-winning works.

Unicornio Teatro is an open group from Rivas Vaciamadrid, although not all of the members are from the town. Since January 2019, after their fantastic experience with Chete Guzmán, the group has continued its learning and working trajectory with a new director, the actress, journalist and theatre researcher Nieves Mateo. Unicornios was written by Amaranta Osorio