Srolling Group of Actors

Friday, August 27th,
Pati de la Casa de Cultura de Girona, 10.00 pm.


The play Strolling Group of Actors is in the style of berikaoba, the basis of Georgian theatre, an ancient form of theatrical performance consisting of a group of people who put on animal masks and wandered through villages and towns performing for local audiences. That is why this work is entitled  Strolling Group of Actors. The work is based on ancient folk texts. Georgian folk songs are performed, dances are danced and masterpieces of Georgian poetry are read.

The plot is the following: a group of actors appears in a village and its inhabitants are not very happy about their visit. One of the actors, Nano, falls in love with the daughter of the village chief.  The father is against this relationship. The other actors try to help the couple get married. The mayor of the village, who is awaiting the arrival of a new baby, decides to ask the actors to perform in honour of this event, and helps the couple get married. During the wedding, the village is surrounded by enemies. The wedding stops and everyone goes to war to defend their country.

The play shows the role of the Georgian mother, who prays for her son the warrior, her worries, and the responsibility she feels for her son during the battle. It also reflects the purity of the relationship between Georgian couples, how they maintain ancient traditions, and the rituals surrounding the newborn baby.


Brief history of the group

The Sighnaghi Theatre Company has been participating regularly in world festivals since 1988: International Festival of Canada (1988, 1992, 1996, 2016), International Festival of Tampico, Mexico (1990), Turkish International Festivals (1989, 1995, 1997, 2015, 2018), Latvia International Festival (2000), Russia (2001, 2019), Czechoslovakia (2009), Greece (2017), Italy (2018), Germany (2019) and Italy (2019).