Waiting for Godot

Wednesday, August 25th
Sala La Planeta de Girona, 18 h


The play is divided into two acts, both of which feature two vagabonds named Vladimir and Estragón, who wait in vain by a roadside for a certain Godot, with whom they (perhaps) have an appointment. The audience never gets to know who Godot is, or what kind of business they are supposed to be conducting.  Each act also features the cruel Pozzo and his slave Lucky, followed by a boy who delivers the message to Vladimir and Estragon that Godot will not come today, “but tomorrow he surely will”.


Brief history of the group

The company was created in 2004, and is made up of actresses and actors, dancers and singers. They are all Israelis from Latin America. The theatrical work they do is always bilingual. All their projects can be performed in Hebrew or Spanish, and they have participated in previous editions of FITAG. The first production, Té, tango y limón, based on texts by the Israeli writer Hanoch Levin, was invited to FITAG 2006.  A las cinco de la tarde (Así que pasen 70 años) was a tribute to the three hundred volunteers from Palestine-Israel who enlisted in the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War. Marta Miro, from Seville, participated in the production, which was shown in Galicia and France.

At FITAG 2018, this company also participated in a three-way FITAG co-production between Israel, Argentina and Catalonia, premiering the successful play Palabras encadenadas, by Jordi Galceran. The play they are premiering at FITAG 2021 is a very personal adaptation of Waiting for Godot, a joint work between performers from both Israel and Girona. Under the direction of Efraim Barkan, they present dramatic works as part of the fraternal philosophy of FITAG and as a symbol of unity between peoples and cultures.