Wednesday, August 28
Courtyard of the Casa de Cultura , 22:00 h



Seven characters from different periods of history are found trapped in the same room. Among everyone, they have to discover what their mission is and why they are the ones in charge of accomplishing it. But their time is running out. TEMPO is an energetic comedy that explores a future that is not so funny.

Brief history of the group

The theater company InHabitants was formed in Lleida in September, 2017. The group’s goal is to offer high artistic-quality shows, geared towards all audiences. They try to create shows with a critical message about society and values, such as tolerance, solidarity and cooperation. Even though the company as it is now does not have much history, all the actors and actresses forming part of it were taught and are being taught at the Municipal Classroom of the Lleida Theater. After having combined companies from the same school (La Petiestable 12 and La Inestable 21), they are all studying their higher education degrees in performing arts. With their show TEMPO, this year the company has begun to travel around Spain and have participated (or will be participating) in events like the Mostra de Teatre de Lleida, the Certamen de Teatre Alhama de Múrcia (where they won the award for best performance, the special viewers award and the award for best actor, given to Quim Roca), in Cartagena, in Igualada, etc.