Un dia qualsevol

Wednesday, August 28
Sala La Planeta, 18:00 h



The protagonist quit smoking and drinking, and one day also decides to stop living. She wants to film her suicide to say goodbye to her ex-husband. But a series of untimely and disturbing events, of terrifying tenderness and anger at the same time, ruin the plan. The work gives a tender and righteous aspect to loneliness. A burlesque, funny, angry, lucid and emotional satire that speaks to us in the sense of humor of women today and their circumstances. A farce also about the lack of communication in a society that lives alienated by electronic devices.

Brief history of the group

IncreiXendo was created in 2010 in Sant Gregori. They have participated in the last five editions of FITAG with the projects Dones, l’altra cara del mirall (2014), Infidelity (2015), Cendra (2016), Neuròtics del Park Central (2017) and La cantant calba (2018). Other projects of theirs include Serventes (by Mercè Rodoreda), El poema de Nadal (by Josep Maria de Sagarra), Kabaret and Don Jaume the Conqueror (by Serafí Pitarra). The group is responsible for the artistic direction of TEAM, the Sant Gregori Amateur Theater Show.