Universos paral·lels

Wednesday 26th August
Pati of the Magnòlies, 21 h

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A relationship; infinite possibilities. Is it possible for everything you have done, and have never done, to coexist in the same reality? Quantum physics and the theory of relativity tell us that it is possible for us to be part of a multiverse, that there could be parallel universes with other versions of ourselves and different lives.

Universos paral·lels combines what is ethereal with everyday life, what we imagine with tangible facts, and reveals that each outcome may be nothing more than the first stage of a long chain of consequences. Marianne, a professor of quantum physics, and Alex, a simple beekeeper, live a love story with multiple itineraries and vicissitudes, that combines what happens in reality with everything that could have been. The Aula de Teatre de Lloret adapts this brilliant dramatic and romantic comedy by Nick Payne, one of the most renowned authors on the contemporary theatre scene.


Brief history of the group

For years, the group from the Aula de Teatre de Lloret de Mar has been preparing a play each season to perform at the Teatre Municipal in May or June. This year, the date was scheduled for May and, due to COVID-19, the play could not be premiered.