Volta i volta

Saturday 29th August
Pati de les Magnòlies, 21 h

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Volta i volta is a comedy about the rehearsals for, and the premiere of a play, that is full of crazy and funny setbacks. A silly portrayal of a group of uncontrolled, but human, characters, with the hopes that the viewer will enjoy the chaos.

We’ll see a failed overall rehearsal, a play seen from behind the scenes, and a grotesque performance. The stage revolves around making theatre inside the theatre, in a plot of mishaps that don’t need to be understood, just laugh along with them and have a good time.

Volta i volta has a slight influence from the fun and classic comedy Noises Off, so often performed under the name Pel davant i pel darrere.


Brief history of the group

Maçateatre is the group that emerged from the Aula de Teatre de Maçanet de la Selva. It began in April 2016 and brings together a very diverse group of people (ages 5 to 80) with a common nexus: the enjoyment of the performing arts. They are people who enjoy doing theatre, who like its social aspect and the teamwork involved, and who strive to offer a well-performed, quality product in the form of a theatrical show.

Every year, aside from Els pastorets, the group premieres at least one show, which it takes on a tour throughout the Girona region, and performs in exhibitions and competitions, where they have won several awards. They have also performed outside of their region: in 2019 they were selected to participate in the Amateur Comedy Theatre Show in Les Garrigues.