Thursday 27th August
La Mercè Culture Centre, 19:30 h

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Yerma, as Federico García Lorca repeatedly stated, is a tragedy with a single theme: the barren woman. Throughout the dramatic times, Yerma desperately struggles with this reality, which is causing her to become increasingly conflicted. The final resolution — the death of her husband — is the last defence of her impossible dream.

Noite Bohemia performs one of their more-contemporary recent plays about how hard life was for women in the early 20th century.


Brief history of the group

With more than twelve years of life, the theatre company Noite Bohemia has a long career in Spanish classical theatre. A specialist in Greco-Latin and Golden Age theatre, his version of La dama boba (Lope de Vega) has been awarded the National Greco-Latin Theatre Prize by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Juan Mayorga Prize.