A Fil Good

Friday 27 August at the Jardins de les Pedreres.
Saturday 28 August in Plaça Santa Susanna.

FITAG Barris, 12h.



Without realising it, we find ourselves trapped inside cobwebs that are difficult to escape from. We feel comfortable being stuck and we don’t have to worry about what lies beyond. The monotony makes us complicit in not being us, in accepting the status quo… But what if we look beyond the silken threads? Maybe we will discover new worlds. All we need is for someone to stretch the thread.


Brief history of the group

Sotrack Teatre is a group of people who have been meeting every week since 2020 to experiment, search, discover, try things… always in the street. They look for ideas that can be communicated, or simply visual ideas, to transform spaces with humour, with no other pretensions than to learn the language of the city in order to fill everyone’s daily lives with more imagination.