Wednesday 26th August
Pati de les Magnòlies, 23:30 h

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Joan stays still in bed, without moving, without saying anything. He doesn’t want to get out of it: he just wants to get out of himself. Having killed his father is killing him. But it was his father who asked him. Doubts. Many doubts. And when he’s planning on taking his own life, an unexpected visit. Someone who will tell him about death from many perspectives. Death, after all, is not so different from life.

Theatre outside the theatre, where the viewer enters Joan’s room and witnesses his story. It is a small format work, with a 360° stage with the audience close. The fourth wall has lost its meaning.


Brief history of the group

The company Theatrum Mundi was born in 2018 thanks to Martí Rodríguez and Àlex Castro. The group was formed to represent their first work, Les santes nits, with the goal of bringing attention to current and recent problems, and since then, this has become the line of their shows: social reporting and criticism, without conditions. The association is designed so that members, in addition to developing collective projects, can carry out their individual projects with the support of the company. This is the case of A(mor)t, a small-format work led by Àlex Castro.