Bases FITAG21

1. The 21th International Amateur Theatre Festival of Girona will be held in Girona from august 24 to august 28, 2021.

2. Theatre groups must fill online the registration form, print the printable version at the end of the registration process, and send it together with a recording and dossier of the show to the next address: Casa de Cultura. Festival Internacional de Teatre Amateur. (FITAG). Plaça Hospital, 6. 17002 Girona. (SPAIN) This year also accepted works could be viewed online. The printed form must be sent by mail and also link at: . You will not see any work that has not received a printed signed copy, by post, of the online registration

3. The deadline for presentation of works is 2 th April 2021. This deadline cannot be extended.

4. From 7 may 2021, the Festival organising committee will notify the groups selected.

5. Being an international festival, it has to be taken into account that the audience is likely to belong to various cultures and, thus, speak different languages. Therefore, additional value will be given to those plays which, by their dramatic features, can be comprehended by the audience in spite of the language of performance. Any proposals of theatre-dance or gestural theatre performances are well invited to take part in this Festival.

6. The artistic commission of the Festival will make a selection from the works presented, with a view to achieving the highest possible standard of amateur theatre. Very important: the plays cannot exceed the duration of 75 min. Any another duration will be negotiated with the management of the festival.

7. The artistic commission will select up to 25 groups from the received applications.

8. The selected companies may be visited by one or more members of the assessment commission of the Festival to verify the quality of the work presented in DVD format.

9. Board and lodging expenses of the members of the group in charge of the organization up to 12 people. The Festival reserves the right to EXPAND the number of members of the group with subsidized stay according to the nature of the work to represent.

10. Each theatre company will receive 250 Euros for each performance within the official FITAG’s program in concept of subsistence costs.. Additionally, if your theatre company is previously selected in order to participate at “FITAG MUNICIPIS”, you will receive 250 Euros for each function performed in any of the minicipalities near to Girona and during the same days of the Festival.

11. Travel and stage set/prop transport expenses to the city of Girona will be borne by the company.

12. Companies undertake to perform the same show they have presented in video, DVD or in registration’s link at the Festival, with the same number of actors and stage set.

13. To ensure the proper promotion of the Festival, the companies must be willing and ready to participate in any dissemination activities deemed necessary by the Organisation.

14. The Festival of International Amateur Theatre in Girona is a good occasion for the exchange of ideas and reflections, as well as for the knowledge of other theatrical proposals. Therefore, we suggest that the groups take part in the day to-day life of the city of Girona and also in other parallel off-stage events.

15. Any situation that might arise and is not covered in these rules will be decided by the organising committee.

16. Participation in the International Amateur Theatre Festival of Girona involves acceptance of these rules.

17. The chairman or the deputy chairman of the Girona Provincial Council are authorised to resolve any incident(s) that might arise during the holding of this event

18. Due to the pandemic situation, all the activities agreed and programmed during the FITAG 21 edition will be subject to the supervision and regulations of the current health authorities.  All companies will be kept informed at all times and will always have the final decision, without any pressure, to accept or renounce their participation in the programming of our FITAG 21 festival.