Castañuela 70+50

Thursday, August 29
Courtyard of the Casa de Cultura , 22:00 h



Castañuela 70+50. That was Spain, folks. And this is Castañuela 70+50, an unclassifiable theatrical show. It isn’t a comedy, it isn’t a musical, it isn’t a revue, it isn’t slapstick, but it mixes a little bit of each of them and more to parody Spain during the final years of the dictatorship. The political circumstance that was banned in the midst of extraordinary success turned it into a generational emblem and historical symbol of independent theater, which accompanied that decade as a social response to an expired regime. The creators of that episode were the Tábano group and the Madres del Cordero band, with the same free and easy style, sarcastic humor, stereotypical characters, a script open to improvisation, imagination, play, etc. Puntido wants to show that Spain and that independent theater of the seventies, to have a laugh at the things that have not changed so much and the current political spectacle, using the same language as Castañuela.


Brief history of the group

Puntido Teatro was created in Tafalla in 2011. It emerged from a group of people related to the group Gabalzeka Teatro, also from Tafalla. When Gabalzeka celebrated its 40th anniversary, they asked all the people who at one time had been part of the group, as well as who had attended any of the theater workshops they had taught, to collaborate with them in celebrating this special event. This led to a reunion among several people, who set out to create a new theater group. Puntido Teatro is a very large group. For this reason, they usually work on two or three shows at once, so that the more than 20 members can participate.