Crema cremada

Wednesday 26th August
Courtyard of the Casa de Cultura, 22 h

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A convoluted comedy, with a fast pace, that makes you laugh a lot but at the same time makes the viewer think, with a very clear final message. The play features a very normal family and their day-to-day life, which is shaken by the mother’s job advancement. This change revolves around the whole web of characters and facts, which highlight, in a fun way, the characters we build to face our society.

This piece has had a preview and is now presented at FITAG 2020 almost as a premiere for the general public.

Brief history of the group

Treateràpia is a theatre company from the Tarragona region that was formed in 2017 as a result of a project by Joan Maria Vidal, who wrote, directed and starred in the first play: Pla de xoc. The work received very good reviews, and was performed throughout the region and also participated in FITAG 2018. Crema cremada is the second play to take to the stage from Treateràpia. Written and directed by Joan Maria Vidal, it has the same cast of actors, who have continued to train and work together.