Cuentos para pensar

Saturday, August 31
CaixaForum Girona, 17:00 h
Show in partnership with the Xarxa d’Ateneus Locals de Catalunya



The show consists of a dramatized reading of stories created by the Argentine doctor, psychodramatist, gestalt therapist and writer, Jorge Bucay. The fragments are extracted from his book Cuentos para pensar, in which the famous author defends common sense and invites readers to use reflection as a way of life-long learning.


Brief history of the group

The Grup de Teatre El Centre was founded in 1884 as a part of the Entitat Centre Moral i Instructiu de Gràcia. At first, only men could participate and the first work performed was Cura de moro, by Serafí Pitarra. After many changes throughout his extensive career, he currently performs one play a month. The season begins during the month of September and ends in June. It is part of the Catalan Federation of Amateur Theaters.