El legado

Thursday, August 29
Viader Auditorium, Casa de Cultura, 00:00 h



In the living room of her home, Carmen receives the guests. They are there because she has something important to say, a message that must be relayed in some way. Carmen is old and is a little lost. She comes in and out of reality, but she finds the way to let the guests know the important of receiving her last will, so that they can continue the search she began forty years ago and can no longer continue. Because of this, she resorts to everything she was gathering together during her life. This is her real treasure, which seals the identity of her granddaughter she has not met, but knows so much about. She approaches the spectators and makes them a participant in her story, serving as a living memory for all the stages of the search. Thus, at the same time we see a young, strong, intuitive and determined woman; a woman over sixty years old who shares her experience and calmness, and a grandmother of more than seventy years who is able to laugh at herself and continues to keep her hopeful optimism alive.

Brief history of the group

The El Legado company was created just to perform this show. Since early 2018, it has been performed at the Sala Teatral Cuatro Elementos (Mar del Plata); at the special presentation at Abrazo Ciudadano and Teatro Colón (during the activities for the 2018 memory week, at Mar de Plata); at the Teatro El Ópalo (Buenos Aires); at the Teatro Belisario (Buenos Aires); at the Teatro Ruido y Nueces, General Pico (La Pampa), and at the Complejo Teatro Plaza de San Martín (Buenos Aires). It was a work selected by the Ciclo de Unipersonales Teatro El Ópalo (November 2018) and the III Festival de Teatro de Larroque 2019. Regarding awards and distinctions, it has received a nomination for the Premio Estrella de Mar 2018 Rubro Unipersonal award; the Premio Estrella de Mar 2018 Rubro Actuació female drama protagonist award; special mention in the Premios Vilches from the Secretary of Culture; the Premio Derechos Humanos en Escena award, from the Human Rights Section of MDP; a distinction from the Defensoría del Pueblo, MDP 2018; the Premio Paoli Larroque 2019 award, with a mention of the show for best actress and best drama.