Ese silencio incómodo

Friday, August 31
Pati de les Magnòlies, 21:00 h



Life is not easy for anyone and everyone hides or has difficult situations to face. But time puts everything into its place. Lola, the protagonist of this story, believes that time has come and needs to explain something very important to her children, who she has not seen for a long time. What could the news be? Through an uncomfortable silence and resorting to a comedic genre, the play unexpectedly flows into a surprising sea.

Brief history of the group

Corset Teatre began in 2015 and that same year they premiered their first unreleased work: Código Alfa. Since then, they have performed El nom, by Mathieu Delaporte and Alexander de la Patelière; Alta suciedad, by José Ramon Alonso Oliva, and this year, at FITAG, Ese silencio incómodo, by Ángel Serrano Laguna. They have performed different shows for fundraisers and took part in FITAG 2016, the Festival del Barco d’Ávila Lagasca (2017) and the Mostra de Teatre de Pineda de Mar (2018).