Wednesday, August 28
Pati de les Magnòlies, 21:00 h



Do all people have a part of us that’s an idiot? And, if we do, can we stop having it? Are you an idiot?

This ends up being a short summary of what an average citizen considers while being tested at a prestigious center for sociological studies to confront some pending issues. Human miseries come to light, when we are able to do and say, and not say.

Brief history of the group

The company was started in 1980 from a performance of Els pastorets. Moved by the desire to make theater, the members embarked on an odyssey that still lasts today. Throughout all these years, they have performed classic plays (such as Maria Rosa, Terra Baixa and La rambla de les floristes), vaudevilles (such as L’amor venia en taxi and No em toquis la flor) and more contemporary shows (such as Mètode Grönlhom, El test and El crèdit). This last one was performed last year at FITAG.