La gran bellesa

Friday, August 30
Sala La Planeta, 18:00 h



The writer and journalist Jep Gambardela is an elegant and seductive man who enjoys the social scene and nightlife in Rome to the maximum. Following the success of his first and only novel, he has always been in the most exquisite social circles. When he turns 46 years old, an unexpected event makes him contemplate his life. Analyzing himself and the people who surround him, looking beyond the daily life of the extravagant parties and the worldliness of his surroundings, he finds the city of Rome indifferent, with an immutable and absurd landscape of exquisite beauty.

Brief history of the group

The company was started six years ago with the production of his first work, Besos barrocos, but the official founding took place three years ago, with the performance of Revolution. They have acted several times on the local scene and in 2016 it was the company chosen to inaugurate FITAG.