La nº 7

Thursday, August 29
Pati de les Magnòlie, 23:30 h



La nº 7 is an adaptation of Harold Pinter’s play The Room. A dark room. The cold outside. Two characters seem to look for refuge and hide themselves from an invisible threat that lurks everywhere: in the basement, in the apartment above, on the street and behind the door. A precarious refuge in which Rose wants to believe she is safe from the danger she fears most: herself and her past. In this sordid and oppressive environment, the unexpected is the leitmotif of her existence, headed towards the inevitable: the definitive encounter with the external and internal threats.


Brief history of the group

Entrecajas Fusión is a non-profit cultural association founded in 2003. Its members were trained at the Escuela del Palacio de Festivales de Santander, at the Centro Dramático de Ceuta, the Escuela de Artes Escénicas de Avilés and in Toledo. They have also taken courses with José Carlos Plaza, Etelvino Vázquez, Blanca del Barrio, Corazza, John Strasberg and Cristina Samaniego. They have participated in several feature films and short films, have done television shows and advertising commercials. In 2008 they founded FETEACAN (Federación de Teatro Amateur de Cantabria), and together with Asturias and Madrid, in 2009 founded Escenamateur, a national co-federation of amateur theater. They have taught theater workshops to the prison population and have participated in food drive campaigns, dramatized readings, talks and round table meetings about gender violence and participated in competitions (where they have won many awards). They have created shows based on texts from Valle-Inclán, Molière, Cervantes, Txékhov, Dario Fo, Harold Pinter and Sergi Belbel, among others.