Les santes nits

Friday, August 30
Viader Auditorium, Casa de Cultura, 12:00 h



Plato affirmed through the literary subject theatrum mundi that this world was like a play: a stage where actors and actresses enter, play a role and come back. A role that can cause an impact or be completely irrelevant. They all have a story inside, a story that they come out to represent and with which they hope to engage the audience and spend more time in the focus, on stage, despite being aware that one day they will have to leave. Everyone fights to express their story, to make themselves felt. And I am here precisely for that.


Brief history of the group

Theatrum Mundi was started in 2018 thanks to Martí Rodríguez and Àlex Castro. The group was formed to play its first work, Les santes nits, with the goal of drawing attention to current and future problems. The company aims to criticize and denounce society through its theatrical projects.