L’estrella sobrada

Thursday, August 29
Viader Auditorium, Casa de Cultura, 12:00 h


The secretary’s job is perpetual: it accumulates and never ends. Perpetua is also the name of the character that La Calamiclown presents: she herself is considered the star of the Expodoc company’s office and she wants to share with the audience her satirical vision of the office world. She speaks about, sings about and details the daily routine of her work life.


Brief history of the group

La Calamiclown was started in 2013, the result of Sònia Esteba’s desire to start her own clown and comedy company, under direction by Elisabeth Cauchetiez. In 2014, they premiered Extemporani and performed some thirty performances in small auditoriums in the Barcelona and Girona regions. They have also participated in festivals in Tel-Aviv (Israel), Lom (Bulgaria), Puebla (Mexico) and Galicia. L’estrella sobrada is her second production, and currently, they have already had eight performances.