Los cuentacuentos de El Chano

Saturday, August 31
Viader Auditorium, Casa de Cultura, 12:00 h



El Chano is a character that traverses rural streets. He has a bag full of memories, which serve to explain thousands of stories. They are toys that illustrate the myths of their land. Spinning tops, cup-and-ball toys, noise makers, wooden trucks and dolls help to recreate their storytelling magic. He also likes to speak in verse and dance a cueca, which is a Chilean folk dance, while recalling his nomadic life.


Brief history of the group

Héctor Fuentes is an actor, theater director and Chilean playwright. For the past 30 years, he has been participating in all kinds of theatrical shows and in audiovisual projects. As a playwright, he received the Fundación Andes Scholarship for dramaturgy, which he used to create the text and staging for El dulce meneo. He is an active cultural manager who has created different places for spreading cultural creativity, such as Zona al Margen and Teatro Chico. Currently, he is constantly active at the Galpón al Margen (in the city of Talca) and at the Llongocura Amphitheater, as part of his ambitious Campo Cultural de Llongocura project (in the coastal community of Curepto).