Madre nuestra que estás en los suelos

Wednesday, August 28
Pati de les Magnòlies, 23:30 h



With a body of totuma and her memory of cornmeal, Mrs. Chicha said that, in Colombia, the peasants collect food for an entire country and the country only collects for them abandonment and poverty. Ananies Neuta Tunjo is a farmer who, after his wife died and his only daughter forgot about him, tired of being hungry, cold and lonely, decides to sell his land to the first bidder in order to make his last trip to the city in search of a new horizon, a paradise that will provide him cold, asphalt and loneliness. Madre nuestra que estás en los suelos is a prayer, a prayer like a psalm that invites us to take off our shoes and put our feet on the ground, which is increasingly becoming less land and more asphalt.


Brief history of the group

El Fuelle is a research and theater creation team founded in 2013 by artists trained in theater, visual and physical arts, music and cinema. Originally, they proposed creating projects they made themselves, projects that could address some important questions about theater and the condition of human beings, focusing on a particular view of the context of their country.