Wednesday 26th August
Girona Municipal Theatre, 19:30 h

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You only have one mother, but if she is over a hundred years old and has no intention of dying, things change. And if you also have an estate that can solve the lives of children… the wait becomes eternal. Mamàaa!!! is a comedy that, between bells, pills and bank statements, depicts a reality that we are just beginning to live in: a generation that is in their sixties and that no one prepared to put up with incombustible parents.


Brief history of the group

Teiatròlics began in 2006 with the play U, dos, tres…, by Ferenc Molnar. It is an open group, depending on the requirements for each show, both in terms of the number of actors and the ages. This has led them to bring people from 9 to 75 years old together to the stage, in the same play, and to offer productions with more than fifteen actors, such as En safata (Billy Wilder), Flor de cactus (Barilet -Grédy), La pista (A. Shaffer), Bluf (Mar Vilà-Duch), Cara a cara (adaptation of a work by Dario Fo), Desafinats (Mar Vilà-Duch), Qui l’ha mort? (adaptation of a work by Robert Thomas), U, dos, tres…10 anys.