No hi ha lladre que per bé no vingui

Wednesday 26th August
Sala La Planeta, 18 h

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No hi ha lladre que per bé no vingui is a comedy set in interwar Italy, at a time when fascism was besieging the country.
A couple wants to have an extramarital affair. When they get home, the lights are on, a robber has come in to steal. And this starts off a long night of misunderstandings. With humour, Dario Fo tells us about lovelessness, hypocrisy and the double standards of the wealthy classes.

Brief history of the group

In October 2006, Tequatre appeared for the first time on theatre stages as a result of the entrepreneurial spirit of the first four members, who had met thanks to the Aula de Teatre de Figueres. The work chosen to promote the company was Retalls, a collection of scenes from various authors.

For twelve years Tequatre has had the opportunity to travel around Catalonia, Spain, France and Morocco to participate in exhibitions, festivals and competitions with the following works: Retalls, La moda que incomoda, El compta comtes, La història del cavaller Torbat, Una mà de llegendes, La llegenda del bruel, Les desventures d’en Pepet, Ai las! On són les velles moles, La llegenda de la comtessa de Quermançó, Antígona a Nova York, Figuretes de vidre, Metro, Un marit ideal, El bruel de Carles Fages de Climent, Vols jugar…, Ens ha caigut la sogra, Cortal Marí and Perucho des de casa.