Friday, August 30
Pati de les Magnòlies, 21:00 h
(adaptation of El florido pensil)


Noietes is an adaptation of El florido pensil, a funny reflection on the education of different generations of the Spanish post-war. We tend to remember what we can tolerate and humor is a big help in confronting the past. It also has the risk of misrepresenting reality, but this is not the case in Noietes, thanks to it staying loyal to texts and actions that speak for themselves. Adaptation of Mònica and Sílvia Oliva, with contributions from the works produced by Tantlaka Teatre.

Brief history of the group

The story of L’Elenc Santperenc originates from afar. In 2015 they participated in FITAG and also in different editions of FITAG Municipis.