Friday, August 30
Viader Auditorium, Casa de Cultura, 00:00 h



Claudia, 47 years old, professor. She has lived surrounded by domestic and moral violence throughout her whole life. One day she breaks the order of things and breaks the circle of violence which she involuntarily forms a part of. Dramaturgy based on real stories of women who were raped. Claudia is not a statistic. Claudia is a social consequence.


Brief history of the group

Ana Regis founded the company Cínica in the early nineties, having been nominated for the award of best actress for the shows Catavento and Amor de Dom Perlimplim, both under the direction of Juliol Maciel, actor and director in the group Galpão. In 2007, she founded the company Bárbara, where she produced and acted in the show Productos: vestido-bandera-lápiz labial, directed by Rita Clemente and with text by Adélia Nicolete, in which she was also nominated for the award for best actress. The Bárbara company has been present in three editions of FIMPRO (International Improvisation Festival). She wrote the play Por toda mi vida, directed by Eduardo Moreira. Peixes is her first monologue. In 2018 she won the IV Copasa-Sinparc Award in the best actress and best text categories. In 2018, Peixes was presented in the FIT BH 2018.