Everyone knows that culture is one of the sectors of society that suffers the most in times of difficulty and that, because of its fragility, it must be protected. In the cultural sphere it is hard to build and maintain things, but it takes very little to destroy and dismantle them.

The FITAG team was very clear that in times of pandemic it was necessary to roll up our sleeves, really pull out all the stops and work harder than ever to avoid losing the annual dynamic and squandering all the human heritage and partnerships we had been weaving together over the years.

In 2020, we were able to hold firm and put out an edition of FITAG. It was David against Goliath, but we managed. We maintained an unbroken link to the work we had done up to that point. That will be an edition that we will always carry in our hearts because of the infinite number of emotional moments that the “brave folk”, both companies and spectators, experienced. But let me say that what I consider key is not that edition where we held firm, but this year’s edition, the one devoted to recovery in a time of uncertainty, although a more hopeful horizon can already be glimpsed.

As director of FITAG, I ask myself a question: have the people, our public, those who loved us, fallen under the tyranny of fear (this damned invisible enemy)? Has it sapped their enthusiasm and desire to go back out into the streets to experience together the ceremony of world theatre, namely the FITAG festival?

The 2021 edition of the FITAG is key; it is the one where we fly again to journey through local and international theatre by the various companies, in the city of Girona and the seven satellite municipalities of the Girona counties that will be supporting us on this “necessary” adventure. Spectators of the world, place your trust in us and hop aboard our plane of dreams, stories and theatrical happiness.

We have the best crew and top destinations for you. We look forward to seeing you at the terminal, ticket in hand and ready to take flight, to lift our spirits, our grassroots theatrical culture and our existence in general.

We are waiting for you. We need you. We love you.


Martí Peraferrer i Vayreda
Director of FITAG


Per a més informació, podeu posar-vos en contacte amb el director del Festival. Sr. Martí Peraferrer
Tel. +34 679 201 767 / 972 202 013