La sombra del tenorio

Thursday, August 26th,
Centre Cultural La Mercè de Girona, Escenamateur space, 7 pm.


La sombra del Tenorio [The Shadow of Tenorio] is one of the most important works of contemporary Spanish drama, written by José Luis Alonso de Santos, one of Spain’s most distinguished playwrights. Based on the famous myth of Tenorio, Alonso de Santos creates a tender and moving story that explains the vicissitudes of an old actor, one of those who have spent their lives travelling through the inland villages and who is living out his last days in a poor hospital, where he is attended by a nun who has taken a vow of silence.

The character that this old actor has played throughout his life is none other than Ciutti, the assistant to Don Juan Tenorio, and it is only natural that at this difficult moment in his life this role should pop back into his memory time and again. He, however, explains to the silent nun that he really wanted to play the character of Juan Tenorio and he will play it for her, the one and only time.

This entire production is expressed poetically, with a high level of humour, and with exceptional acting work by the lead actor, Luis Orcajo, El Duende de Lerma, accompanied by the actress Consuelo Redondo.


Brief history of the group

El Duende de Lerma was founded in September 2010, and with its first work, La sombra del Tenorio, it inaugurated the Territorio ARTlanza theme park comedy playhouse. Un hombre de suerte [A Lucky Man] premiered in 2012 and Miguelón, el hombre de Atapuerca [Miguelón, the man from Atapuerca], opened in 2014. Lazarillo de Tormes was chosen for 2015. Thanks to these works, the company has performed in many of the most prestigious national amateur theatre competitions across the country. The accolades, national prizes and awards won number more than two hundred.