Thursday, August 26th
Teatre Municipal de Girona, 7.30 pm


On the 112 emergency switchboard, during a routine night shift, officer Rita Sala receives, among other things, a strange call from a terrified woman. The policewoman, confined to the police station, is determined to find and help this woman in danger. As the minutes tick by, Rita has to face not only a rush of events related to the case, but also her own personal demons.

SOS is a theatrical thriller that builds suspense and disquiet from the very first minute to the last. A play of intrigue with the telephone linking the action, it is a plot of narrative tension in real time that aims to enthrall the audience with its sober and surprising spectacle. The play is a theatrical adaptation of the film Den Skyldige, by Gustav Möller (Denmark, 2018).

Brief history of the group

MAÇAteatre is an entity that emerged from the Aula de Teatre de Maçanet de la Selva, and was set up in 2016. It is a heterogeneous group of people of very different ages, with the common bond of passion for the performing arts. They have fun doing plays, they enjoy its social aspect, the teamwork, and they strive to offer a quality product, in the form of a theatrical performance, with a great deal of participation by the actors and actresses. In 2017, the company debuted the multi-award-winning  La suite [The suite] at the Concurs de Teatre Arturo Mundet in Sant Antoni de Calonge (best play, best production, best lead actress, best supporting actor, best director and second best supporting actress). In 2018, the company premiered Una copeta de vi [A Glass of Wine], selected to be part of La Mostra de Teatre Còmic de les Garrigues, as well as being among the best plays in Girona, in La Campanya de Teatre Amateur 2019. In 2019, it premiered Volta i volta [Time and time again] at FITAG. On October 20, 2020,  SOS opened.